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The Well-Tended Life

Keri Wilt

A Well-Tended Life is not a set it and forget it life, nor is it a perfect life. It is worked on every day, in the sunshine and through the storms. And the truth is, what worked in our life-gardens last season, may not work in the next. That’s why here at The WTL, we interview people who have grown and bloomed true in a variety of seasons and are willing to share their well-tended wisdom and weed-whacking advice with us! A QUICK INTRODUCTION: Hello Everybody! I’m Keri Wilt, a speaker, writer, and heart cultivator with a soul full of sunshine who’s on a mission to help you flourish.That’s because not long ago, I looked down and discovered that my life had become an over-planted mess that was choking out my relationships, creativity, and purpose. I was irritable, exhausted, and watering everything but myself.That’s when some soul-searching journaling time and a late-night re-reading of my great-great-grandmother’s classic book ‘The Secret Garden’ unearthed this Well-Tended Life Truth: That EVERY locked-up, weed-filled, withering life can bloom and grow again with the help of a little magic.Now I am not talking about the kind of magic that needs a wand and a trick top hat. I am talking about a dig in, make room, prune away, work on, water well, weed, and feed your soul kind of life-tending magic that I can’t wait to share here with you.“Where you tend a rose…a thistle cannot grow.” - The Secret Garden
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