The Well-Tended Life

Episode 19: The Practice of Turning Burdens into Blessings

September 30, 2020 Keri Wilt Season 1 Episode 19
The Well-Tended Life
Episode 19: The Practice of Turning Burdens into Blessings
Show Notes

In this episode my guest, author and artist Carrie Schmitt, chats with us about the practice of turning our burdens into blessings and how this practice has changed her life.

This is the fifth episode in this series about practices, so go back and watch any that you may have missed! 

Guest Bio: 
Carrie Schmitt is an artist, author, and instructor who began painting as a therapeutic practice after being diagnosed with a life-threatening allergy to heat in 2009. 

 Today, Carrie leads online and in-person art workshops. Her art is sold in galleries and in private collections internationally and licensed for clothing, home décor, accessories, toys, and stationery. Her art has also been featured in several international publications, including Professional Artist and In Her Studio magazines.

 In 2018, Carrie converted a 2002 Bluebird short school bus into a mobile art studio to have a place to paint and bring art visibility to her community.

 Her most recent book, The Story of Every Flower, is a collection of her vibrant art and intimate writing that documents her 10 year journey as an artist. 

Carrie lives and works in Duvall, Washington.

Facebook: Carrie Schmitt Art and Design

Instagram: @carrieschmitt

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