The Well-Tended Life

Episode 18: The Practice Of Creativity with Tracey Hewitt

September 23, 2020 Keri Wilt Season 1 Episode 18
The Well-Tended Life
Episode 18: The Practice Of Creativity with Tracey Hewitt
Show Notes

In this episode, my guest author and artist Tracey Hewitt chats with us about the practice of creativity and it’s profound effect on our daily lives.

This is the fourth in this series about practices, so go back and watch any that you have missed!

Guest Bio:
Tracey is a visual artist, writer and art teacher with a special interest in the healing and therapeutic benefits of creativity. She lives by a billabong, not far from Theodore in Central Queensland, surrounded by her farming family.
A mixed media artist for over 20 years, she creates intuitively - from the inside out – she’s never sure what a piece will be until it’s finished. Her artwork is held in private collections in four countries, and career highlights have included designing a mosaic wall for a Theodore Community arts project, building an international creative community, and a collector who once purchased work as a gift for members of the Tongan royal family.

She is also the author of “When Your Superpower Becomes Your Kryptonite” which can be found on or on her website

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