The Well-Tended Life

Episode 17: The Practice of Healthcare with Giovanna Capozza

September 16, 2020 Keri Wilt Season 1 Episode 17
The Well-Tended Life
Episode 17: The Practice of Healthcare with Giovanna Capozza
Show Notes

This week’s guest is wellness advocate Giovanna Capozza and she chats with us how the practice of healthcare. 

Show Notes:
Feelings Buried Alive Never Die By Karol K Truman 

Guest Bio:
Always a seeker of answers with a Sherlock Holmes-esque tendency, Giovanna spent most of her early and late 20s fascinated by the world of natural healing and spirituality. She was seeking ways in which to improve her life and health not realizing she was stumbling on a life’s calling. She became absorbed in books, research on the mind body
connection, and alternative healing practices, and then passionate about educating others about her findings. She realized that empowerment came from knowledge, and she
needed to share as much as she could.

For over 24 years Giovanna has placed her focus on answering one main question: what is the root cause of all dis-ease, and how can we truly heal - mentally, physically and spiritually?

Giovanna Capozza is the co-founder of Blue Hive Health, a healing space for mind and body. As a Master Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Mind/Body Expert and Podcast Host she combines all her skills to bring a truly holistic experience to her clients.

A trained Alternative Medicine Doctor in Homeopathy and Holistic Nutrition, she held a clinical practice for nearly 8 years near Toronto, Canada. She later shifted her focus to working predominantly with men and women who wanted to experience more fulfillment and meaning in their relationships. She has studied with some of the world’s most successful and influential alternative medicine and personal growth experts, coaches and trainers.

Giovanna teaches and speaks locally and internationally on the topics of wellness and relationships. She is a strong passionate voice for personal health advocacy and authentic heart-based living. Find out more about her work at or on Instagram at

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