The Well-Tended Life

Episode 5: Joy, Goodness, and Growth with Danielle Freitag

June 24, 2020 Keri Wilt Season 1 Episode 5
The Well-Tended Life
Episode 5: Joy, Goodness, and Growth with Danielle Freitag
Show Notes

Can music transform your brain? Can journaling help in healing? These are just a few things that this week’s guest, author and advocate Danielle Freitag, shares with us in our intimate conversation about the Joy, Goodness, and Growth that is planted all around us.

Danielle Freitag, LADC, author, co-founding executive director of Action169, is an overcomer of severe addiction and the commercial sex industry.

Danielle works as a counselor and advocate, providing direct support, care and counseling for women in a variety of settings. She is the creator of Arukah, a trauma-informed, faith-centered counseling service promoting holistic restoration through evidence-based practices, including the creative arts. Her mission is to empower women to overcome substance use and to enable those in the strip club industry to know their intrinsic worth.

Offering expert training on combating the realities of exploitation and addiction while providing best care practices, Danielle has been requested to advise counselors and advocates, safe homes, medical, government and non-government professionals and has served as a consultant to the Minnesota Department of Health.

Invited to speak nationally and internationally, Danielle's captivating story of transformation inspires hope and offers solutions. She is the author of Best Care Practices, a manual for service providers, and her first book, The Garden Keys - 22 Keys of Restoration was released June of 2018.  Volume II of The Garden Keys - Awakening Daughter Zion, was released November of 2019.  She and her husband Corey reside in Minnesota, and together, they serve as focus leaders in the Minnesota Apostolic Prayer Network - to end 
commercial sexual exploitation. 

Danielle reads from three places in her books titled The Garden Keys: Volume 1 & 2

- Mary pursuing her dream despite what others said:  P.10 V.I

- Benefits of Journaling/Writing to Heal: P.134, 135 V.I

- The power of singing related to healing: P. 56-58 V.I

Danielle also references three books she is reading:
In Pursuit Of Love: One Woman’s Journey from Trafficked to Triumphant by Rebecca Bender, Inheritance: Clinging to God’s Promises in the Midst of Tragedy by Corey Russell, and Fallen: Out of the Sex Industry and Into the Arms of the Savior by Annie Lobert 

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