The Well-Tended Life

Episode 39: Even If…There Is Hope

May 17, 2023 Keri Wilt
The Well-Tended Life
Episode 39: Even If…There Is Hope
Show Notes

Let’s activate the hope inside you. So while you are riding high and beginning to believe in better things,  I want you to make a quick list of 10 things that you want to someday grow, do, be, have, enjoy, produce, accomplish and more.

Write down big things, little things, personal things, dreamy things, relationship things, faith things, future things, healing things, happy things, work things, leisure things, and even slightly crazy things. Write each of them in this form below or get out your journal for more room.

I_____________________________________________(insert your name here), HOPE and expect with confidence that if I tend to my life, I can and will:

  1. ______________________________________________________________
  2. ______________________________________________________________
  3. ______________________________________________________________
  4. ______________________________________________________________
  5. ______________________________________________________________
  6. ______________________________________________________________
  7. ______________________________________________________________
  8. ______________________________________________________________
  9. ______________________________________________________________
  10. ______________________________________________________________

(Examples: make good choices with my food, open my own business, learn to play guitar, heal completely from the trauma of my past, grow in my faith, go back to school, paint again, love again, be a positive influence on those around me….the sky’s the limit)

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