The Well-Tended Life

Episode 38: How to Uproot, Dig In, and Bloom True with Julia Tyson Kissick

May 10, 2023 Keri Wilt Season 2 Episode 38
The Well-Tended Life
Episode 38: How to Uproot, Dig In, and Bloom True with Julia Tyson Kissick
Show Notes

Why listen? Here are just a few “heart taps” from this episode with JuJu Tyson Kissick of Good JUJU Ink: 
1. Remember this: Things can change.
2. Sometimes it takes the people closest to you make you realize that you’re not OK and something needs to change.
3. Sometimes a closed door, is actually permission for you to  go and thrive somewhere else.
4. Sometimes you need to grieve and own the place that you’re in right now.
5. It’s ok to admit to yourself that you still like doing things regardless of the outcome, because you like the doing. And the doing is its own journey, it’s own Joy. 
6. Grownups need more thing that remind them of that feeling of being a child. 
7. Just start. Whatever it is.
8. Friendships are the secret sauce of life.
9. ADHD is a superpower if you can feel free to be yourself and acknowledge what you need and what are not good at and have a safe space to ask for what you need. 
10. You cannot do everything 
11. Even if the source of illness cannot be changed, you can change the environment around the source of illness or around the person feeling ill to nurture things that can bloom. 

Meet Juju. As a kid, Juju liked to make pretty things. And connect with people. And make people laugh. Fast-forward to 2014. Hearkening to her childhood desires, Juju created Good Juju Ink, a high-end stationery business based on her timeless illustrative style, a strong belief in the power of the handwritten note, and a commitment to delighting people with wildly delightful products. Pretty things. Connecting with people. Laughter. Juju’s products espouse a sense of childlike wonder in each of their recipients and promote positivity in a world that all too often seems to promote the opposite. Good Juju Ink is devoted to spreading good juju. One illustration at a time.

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