The Well-Tended Life

Episode 37: Legacy Making, One Bite At A Time with Nadia Liu Spellman

May 03, 2023 Keri Wilt Season 2 Episode 37
The Well-Tended Life
Episode 37: Legacy Making, One Bite At A Time with Nadia Liu Spellman
Show Notes

Why listen? Here are just a few “heart taps” from this episode with restauranteur Nadia Liu Spellman:

    1.    Seasons change fast.
    2.    “Be a self sufficient woman.” Nadia’s father.
    3.    How you deal with your career evolves and changes.
    4.    Take a minute to just breathe.
    5.    Take the time to have connections with people.
    6.    Take time for yourself first. Not just to breathe…but at least an hour of your day…just for you.
    7.    Be careful, because when you are passionate about something…it’s easy to get carried away and then get overwhelmed and crack.
    8.    To disconnect a bit, try putting your phone in the backseat while you are driving or setting some strict “no phone time” at night.
    9.    Creating healthy practices happens over time and with experience, rarely overnight.
    10.    We effect the generations after us…so think about what legacy are you leaving them?
    11.    Working is not working if it is your passion! If it makes you happy, do that, pursue that!

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Nadia Liu Spellman is a proud graduate of the Weston High School Class of 2000.  During her years in grade school in Weston, she worked in all aspects of the family restaurants starting at the age of 13.   She then attended Babson College and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Management.  After working in investment banking for five years in New York City, she left her career to pursue her true love for great food.  Nadia managed her mother's restaurant, Sally Ling's in Fort Lee, NJ for two years until moving back to Bos
ton in 2011.  Nadia grew up in a family where food and fine cuisine were an important part of life.  She is excited to bring the food she grew up with and loves to Weston with her distinctive touch.

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