The Well-Tended Life

Episode 35: 5 Ways to Transform Your Life with Kevin Griffin

April 19, 2023 Keri Wilt Season 2 Episode 35
The Well-Tended Life
Episode 35: 5 Ways to Transform Your Life with Kevin Griffin
Show Notes

Why Listen? Here are just a few HEART TAPS from this episode with singer/songwriter Kevin Griffin of Better Than Ezra:

  1. Kevin’s dad said, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.”  
  2. What is your second act?
  3. Alway believe that your greatest work is ahead of you.
  4. As you get older, you have to take overt action to continue to be inspired. 
  5. Seeking  inspiration keeps those neuropathways malleable and flexible.
  6. Surround yourself with people who bring a skill set different from your own.
  7. Let go of your ego. “Your ego is not your amigo!” 
  8. The people who just don’t quit are the ones who win at the end of the day.
  9. Remain open.
  10. You have to continue to fill the well with inspiration to avoid creative bankruptcy.
  11. Dare to be stupid. 
  12. If something isn’t working, change your angle of approach.  

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SIDE NOTE: Kevin references Sir Kenneth Robinson’s Ted Talk on Education.

Kevin Griffin is an award-winning songwriter that has landed multiple number ones, including Howie Day’s “Collide” and Sugarland’s “Stuck Like Glue,” which became the 11th most downloaded country music song of all time. His rock band Better Than Ezra has occupied spots on Billboard’s “100 Greatest Alternative Songs of All Time” and “100 Greatest Alternative Artists of All Time.” The band’s legacy encompasses: the double- platinum classic Deluxe (1995) and its instantly recognizable, number one smash single “Good,” the gold-selling Friction, Baby (1997) with “Desperately Wanting,” Closer (2001) with “Lifetime” and “Extra Ordinary,” and the epic album Before the Robots (2005). Their song “Breathless” was notably performed and recorded by Taylor Swift.

Griffin is also a cofounder and partner in Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival located in Franklin, Tennessee. Now in its ninth year, the festival has attracted top headlining talent such as Justin Timberlake and the Foo Fighters. Griffin’s musical prowess spans from artistry to leadership, singing it forward as a writer-in-residence at NYU's Clive Davis School of Music. Griffin also lectures internationally on creativity to companies such as Google, Spotify, YPO/ WPO and Salesforce.

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