The Well-Tended Life

Episode 22: Stepping Up, Shining Bright and Shedding Secrets with Ash Beckham

January 18, 2023 Keri Wilt Season 2 Episode 22
The Well-Tended Life
Episode 22: Stepping Up, Shining Bright and Shedding Secrets with Ash Beckham
Show Notes

Here are just a few HEART TAPS from this amazing episode with author ASH BECKHAM: 

  1. I am a work in progress. I’ve never met an interesting person that hasn’t had some challenges.
  2. We have to be able to toggle between our different things each day…mom, entrepreneur, advocate, speaker…and to make room for that.
  3. We hold in secrets because we don’t want to admit it to ourselves and because our secret is a potential threat to our relationships. 
  4. You have to face yourself first, before you can face others. 
  5. Once you unlock your door and disclose your secret to someone, give them some time to process, because you had your own time to processes it. We must give them the same opportunity. 
  6. It’s a social disturbance to NOT shine your light .
  7. To call up your courage, envision what your brightness looks like without the weight of the secrets and use this for fuel. 
  8. Courage begets courage, it’s contagious. 
  9. Our own vulnerability, authenticity and transparency opens the door for others to feel safe with their secrets and it helps to create a safe space for others to be vulnerable 
  10. Right now, from where you are, you can lead. (Repeat that to yourself)
  11. Be willing to be imperfect and have grace with yourself, because you are not going to do things perfect. 
  12. When fear creeps in, tell that doubter/critic in your head to take the bench, because you are doing big girl stuff right now! 
  13. Curiosity is critical, it makes your lens broader. 

SIDE NOTE: This is the NPR Podcast that I listened to about KEEPING SECRETS that led me to Ash and it includes her TEDX speech. It’s so great…take a listen.

Ash Beckham is a sought after speaker and an “accidental advocate” for equality who does not shy away from hard conversations. Her book Step Up: How to Live with Courage and Become an Everyday Leader (Sounds True, March 2020) is an empowering call-to-action to help mobilize all to embrace a different vision of leadership to create change in our workplaces, schools, places of worship, communities, and homes cultivated from both Beckham's personal and professional experiences.     


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